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We have a "Bright Idea" for your business!

Think of your website as an electronic brochure that advertises your business 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Once you have a website you can add that to every form of marketing your business uses i.e., print, radio and television etc. And if you have proper SEO you can benefit from top search engine placement under specific keywords and phrases.

Keep in mind that your competitors have the same opportunity which is why your 1st impression is so important. Because if your visitor is not engaged properly it only takes a few clicks and your prospect is looking at your competitors website. So help us help you rise above your competition with an online presence specific to your business and at a price you can afford.

Complete website's starting at only $899.00;
This service includes but is not limited to the research and registering or transfer of your URL, creating up to a 5 page website which includes a homepage theme with your business logo, navigation with supporting pages (About, Contact, Services, Products, Testimonials etc.), search engine optimization of each page to include local exposure, if pertinent and establishing business email accounts. We can also assist with your marketing and explanatory text.

We only require 50% down to get started! The process is as follows and in most cases 100% complete within 2 to 3 weeks depending on revisions:

1) Design consultation;
The purpose is to get a description of your business, your preferences and your company mission. This will enhance our understanding of what your company is all about. From there we can better grasp your desired image in order to faster and more appropriately design your website. You must also send your company logo, a sitemap and the text to be included in your website.

2) Review initial homepage concepts and revisions;
When finished with the consultation we will create a website concept and present it to you within 5 business days. Our designs are 100% original and are customized to your company’s needs and your style preferences. Upon receiving the initial concept, review it and let us know what you like and for what reasons. Usually the first presentation is enough. Though, you are entitled to unlimited concepts, and we will work until you get the web design you are looking for. Once a draft is chosen, we will make all necessary revisions until you are completely satisfied with your homepage layout. This process can take 2-3 business days.

3) Review supporting page presentation and revisions;
Once the homepage is approved, we will present you with the supporting page design within 2 to 3 business days. We use your feedback to redraft all web page designs – unlimited within reason – until you are completely satisfied. Once the supporting page design is chosen, we develop the rest of the website. Once complete and the remaining balance is paid your new website will go live online!

Management & Consulting from $25.00 hour;
This service focuses on daily, weekly or monthly updating of your website, performing an in depth analysis including initial look and feel, source code optimization as well as the proper use of marketing and explanatory text. We can also assist with most computer needs such as networking, maintenance and recovery.

Local, National and Global Online Advertising;
This service involves the research and establishment of proper exposure through free and pay for placement listings and directories.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
This service provides premium source code optimization of every page of your website to make them spider friendly to all major search engines. Successful optimization is based not only on the search engine standard placement criteria but your product or service, target market, geography and competition. With proper SEO your website can achieve 1st page listings under specific keywords and phrases on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Voice Over & Jingle Services;
This service covers male baritone, young adult to older, voice talent needed for radio and television to include reading and singing in multiple dialects and styles. We can also assist with the message and jingle writing process.

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